Life is Crafted Day Per Page Personal Inserts


well, It’s been like, 6 months since I last posted. I kind of got bored because I realized that I didn’t have all that much to say. Also, law school.


BUT I have a review to share! My Life is Crafted inserts came in the mail today! I know, I know. “$100!? Couldn’t you buy a brand new filofax with that?”


well. Yeah. But, I watched the video and I got inspired. Like, truly inspired. Like, that moment when you’re like, “you guys seriously, this is it.” And I knew I HAD to get them. So I did. bam.


what is about to follow is going to be a pretty long review with lots of photos so,  you know. Be warned.


I came home after work to find this in my mailbox:



She wrote me a little personalized note based on an email exchange we had earlier. :)



The first thing that struck me was how well and carefully the inserts were packaged. They were in perfect condition, with no bends or tears or anything, even considering the deluge we’ve been experiencing in the southeastern US.

This is the first page, which she personalizes with your name, if you ask her to.



When I touched the inserts, I was surprised at the texture. Filofax paper sometimes has this almost waxy texture – I dunno if you guys know what I mean. It just feels sometimes like the ink pools up on top of the paper, almost. This paper is not like that. It’s pretty matte.


Just LOOK at all the inserts I got! pages and pages and pages! lol

This is comparing what I have in my filofax right now with the stack of inserts. Obviously, I got the Day per page, so I’m not really planning on putting ALL of that in my planner at one time (not that I could, even if I wanted to!).


I got the July start because I want something more academic. I divide my life into fall semester, spring semester, and summer. That’s what works for me right now. I was only planning on putting July-December in my planner right now.

I took everything out of my Cuban to make room!



This is the fulness of my binder, once I took out all the stuff I had before and put in the inserts. They actually fit perfectly.



Look at these adorable colors!

IMG_0862 IMG_0860

And seriously, OMG the months have are themed by color. HOW CUTE IS THAT YOU GUYS

IMG_0866 IMG_0867


I ended up putting in the day per page from July to December, but decided to put the month-to-view for the entire year in my planner. These inserts for January-June of ’14 will go into storage until I need them!


I did the pen test with mostly black inks, since that’s what I find bleeds through paper the worst.

IMG_0868 IMG_0869

The Papermate expresso pen smeared because I hold my pen like a 5 year old, not because the paper is bad quality. That pen smears no matter what paper I’m using.

The following pictures show the thickness of each section.


This is just the month-to-view pages




This is the Day Per Page with the Month to View in the middle



These are all the pages at the beginning (watch the video – she explains it all!)




And these are the pages at the end (again, all explained in the video!)


This is today, with the flyleaf I had made.



I would show you more of what it looks like after I’ve moved in, but I was running late to have dinner with a friend, so I didn’t get to take more pictures. Please let me know if you want more information!


I absolutely love these inserts. The quality is fantastic – I’ve had no bleed through problems at all and the frixion pens erase 100% on this paper. I can include photos of that, too, if you guys want. They fit beautifully in my binder and the pages turn easily (no problems with overstuffing). I highly recommend these inserts. I know they’re pricey, but you have to find what works for you, you know? I find that I do well with a little more structure to my days, so this layout is going to work well for me. I can’t do a more in-depth “how it’s working out so far” because I’ve literally had them in my possession for coming up on 5 hours. But, if people are curious, I’m willing to revisit them again in a month or maybe at the end of the summer, to show you how they’ve been working out. I really really love them. I can’t say enough how much I absolutely love these inserts!




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